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The Impact for the Arts + Creative Industries

Call for Action!

City of Ann Arbor City Council Allocates $500,000 to Arts + Creative Industries with $200,000 for Arts-Based Trauma Programs

You raised your voice and the City of Ann Arbor heard you! We have reached an historic milestone for Ann Arbor in acquiring funding for the arts + creative industries! On April 4, the Ann Arbor City Council discussed and voted on the final funding plan and proposed amendments. Included in the final plan was $500,000 for the Ann Arbor-based arts + creative industries. There was also an amendment directing $200,000 of the allocated $500,000 towards arts -based trauma programs for youth and BIPOC communities. Both proposals passed. 

This is a big win for advocates! To our knowledge, Ann Arbor has never invested in arts + creative grants to this magnitude.

Next up: decisions about the grant making programs, criteria for selection and whether city staff or a contracted agency will administer the grant program. 

Your Continued Advocacy Matters 

The Facts Build the Case for the Arts + Creative Industries

Recommended Reading and Resources

The following reports and resources offer information and data on the Arts + Creative Industries in Washtenaw County, the State of Michigan and the U.S.A.

2022 USA - COVID Pandemic Causes Significant Decline  -  4.2% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and $876.7 Billion Industries

2019 to 2020 BEA COVID Losses - MI Arts + Creative Industries

2021 USA - 4.3% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and $919.7 Billion Industry

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis 2021 release, the US Arts + Creative Industries output is higher than tourism, transportation and construction.

    • $919.7 billion industry
    • 5.2 million wage‐and‐salary workers (not including gig workers)
    • $447 billion in wages not including gig workers.

2021 Michigan - 2.9% of output and $15.4 billion value added to economy

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis 2021 release, Michigan's arts + creative industries output is higher than its transportation, utilities, agriculture, educational services and mining.

    • $15.4 billion industry
    • 2.9% "GDP"
    • 122,288 jobs.
    • $8.14 billion in compensation, not including creative gig workers - (2.7% of total state compensation)

COVID-19 Impact on the Arts + Creative Industries

    • Arts, entertainment & recreation account for a staggering 36.3% of total nonprofit jobs lost since February 2020. Add to this, gig workers and those who have lost their positions in the for profits arts and entertainment sector. Read the full Candid report here
    • COVID-19's Pandemic's Impact on The Arts: Research Update

      The coronavirus is having a devastating impact on America's arts sector. Since the first U.S. case was reported in January 2020, cancellations have taken place at virtually every arts organization in the country and artists/creative workers are among the most severely affected segment of the nation's workforce. This is a summary of research by Americans for the Arts and others on the human and financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the arts.

    • Audience Outlook Monitor - When will Audiences feel Safe and Return?

      For top researchers, funders, service organizations, and hundreds of cultural organizations who want to make informed decisions about how and when to re-start programming based on rigorous research data. Bookmark this website as the go-to source of information on research findings, scenario planning, and critical thinking about audiences and programming

Produced or recommended by Creative Washtenaw

Includes statistics about the companies, jobs, wages and economic impact in Washtenaw, Michigan and the U.S.

The Arts + Creative Industries defined

The Creative Industries in Washtenaw County, Creative Many Michigan

2017-2018 Creative Washtenaw Counts - Nonprofits

DUNs Creative Industries Report - Washtenaw County

DUNs Creative Industries Report - US 12th District

DUNs Creative Industries Report - US 7th District

The Arts + Creative Industries Guide (Washtenaw County)

$100 Million Economic Impact Nonprofit Arts Report. Washtenaw County

Jonathan Spector, CEO of the Conference Board, Congressional Testimony on the Economy, Jobs and the Arts

Americans for the Arts (AFTA) Creative Industry Reports

2021 Congressional Arts Handbook

Facts, figures, related legislation, research, talking points, and more to help inform you on the major policy issues we are working to positively impact.

National Arts & Economic Prosperity V Report

Creative Washtenaw - The Arts Alliance