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Region 9 Grantee Resource Page – FY2021

Congratulations on Earning Your Minigrant!


You have been granted your wish: A Region 9 minigrant. Bravo!

If only grants were the results of wishes! We know you invested time and effort in preparing your grant plus there was probably little anxiety as you waited for the results. Then bam! Celebration – grant received!

The blush of success passes quickly because its back to work you go to manage your grant. There are contracts, records to keep, funding acknowledgments, final reports and, oh yes, an actual project or program to produce. 

We want to make your grant management as easy as possible! This page has been created to assist you in your grant management. It provides items, resources and helpful hints to prepare and guide you throughout the grant period and through the preparation of your final report. 

If ever you need assistance at any time, contact us at Congrats again!

FY2021 Grantee Forms and Requirements
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Minigrant Final Report Forms and Cheat Sheets
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