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Arts + Creative Industries = Impact

The Arts Alliance is the arts + creative industries authority in Washtenaw County. A regional agency, its mission is to advocate for and support Creative Washtenaw ensuring that the greater Ann Arbor area remains a great place to create, live, work, learn, play and visit.

The intrinsic and aesthetic values of art and creativity are determining factors of success for its members and constituents: professionals, amateurs, students and industry experts leading the sector locally, nationally and internationally who have creative practices, own creative businesses and hold creative jobs in profit, nonprofit, educational and government entities and produce creative goods, services and programs for county residents and visitors.

Committed to forever evolving, learning and improving diversity, equity and inclusion efforts

This includes learning how its community defines the intrinsic and aesthetic qualities of art and creativity by the cultural expert, the credentialed scholar, the journeyed or self-taught master and/or the astute consumer of the form.

The Arts Alliance serves Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Milan, Saline, Whitmore Lake and Ypsilanti plus the 21 townships in the county.

One of 4,500 local arts + creative agencies in the U.S.

The Arts Alliance is one of 4,500 local arts + creative industries agencies in the United States. As defined by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), rather than being discipline-specific, these local agencies work to:

  1. Develop, promote and sustain the health and vitality of the local artists, creative workers, educators, organizations, and businesses.
  2.  Strive to make it possible for every community resident, student, business, municipality and visitor to benefit from arts and creative assets.

A “Chamber of Commerce” for the Arts + Creative Industries

This familiar descriptor is often used to draw the analogy of a similar organization that supports, advocates and provides services for a specific sector. The Arts Alliance is the very definition of a backbone organization: one that establishes and nurtures cross-sector partnerships to reach common goals and outcomes. The Arts Alliance is intent, first and foremost, in listening to its members because they are the experts. They know what they need to prosper and know what causes their stagnation. The work of The Arts Alliance is furthered through research, assessment and data that it and others conduct and report.

The Arts Alliance reveres the intrinsic and aesthetic values of art + creativity while working diligently to demonstrate the impact and interconnection of the sector on quality of life and place of Washtenaw County. It relentlessly pushes the arts + creative industries agenda forward by persuading community leaders and decision makers to invest in and set policies that support artists and creative workers.  Their investment ensures that creative organizations and businesses are properly resourced and that students are assured equitable access to curriculum-based, sequential arts + creative education. This includes a right to a well-rounded education to acquire the depth of skills desired by 21st century employers.

The Arts Alliance and its members know that building and sustaining a vibrant arts + creative sector is not accomplished by want or magic. It requires long-term commitment.

 Facilitating, advocating, communicating, educating and celebrating 

The Arts Alliance has earned respect among community decision-makers resulting in being asked to take a “seat at the table” on community planning and initiatives (though sometimes still bringing our own chair.) The Arts Alliance is an essential partner with the business, education, government, tourism, philanthropic, health and other sectors demonstrating the interconnectivity of and integrating art + creativity into all aspects of community life. Broad-based engagement and the Washtenaw County Cultural Master Plan informs the work of The Arts Alliance as it:

– Facilitates the exploration of issues, conducts research, fosters creative initiatives and administers MCACA Region 9 regranting programs.

– Advocates  for arts + creative industries and works to influence policy and encourage investment.

– Communicates promotion of the arts + creative industries’ programs, services and collaborative initiatives.

– Educates  to encourage investment and participation in life-long creative learning programs.

– Celebrates the triumphs of artists, creative workers, organizations and businesses.

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