The charge of a local arts + creative agency

Arts + Creative Industries = Impact

Creative Washtenaw’s local arts + creative agency

The Arts Alliance is one of 4,500 local arts agencies in the United States. As defined by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), rather than being discipline-specific, local arts agencies work to:

  1. Develop, promote and sustain the health and vitality of the local artists, creative workers, educators, organizations, and businesses.
  2.  Strive to make it possible for every community resident, student, business, municipality and visitor to benefit from arts and creative assets.

Local art agencies are sometimes described as “a Chamber of Commerce for the Arts” to draw the analogy of an organization that supports, advocates and provides services for the region arts businesses. The Arts Alliance is the very definition of a backbone organization: one that establishes and nurtures cross-sector partnerships to reach common goals and outcomes.

The Arts Alliance is intent, first and foremost, in listening to its members because they are the experts. They need to prosper and know what causes their stagnation. The work of The Arts Alliance is furthered through research, assessment and data that it and others conduct and report. Broad-based engagement and the Washtenaw County Cultural Master Plan informs the work of The Arts Alliance as it:

Explore issues, conduct research, administer MCACA Regranting programs and foster creative initiatives.


Voice the arts + creative industries’ impact to influence policy and encourage investment.

Distribute information important to the arts + creative industries and promote  programs and collaborative initiatives to the general public.


Encourage equitably access for all preK-12 students, investment and participation in life-long creative learning programs.

Celebrate the triumphs of artists, creative workers, organizations and businesses.

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