Washtenaw County Cultural Master Plan

The Washtenaw County Cultural Master Plan is the result of an 18-month, community-based planning effort created through the participation of cultural, educational, civic, business, and government representatives from each of the county’s key population centers: Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Milan, Saline and Ypsilanti.

The plan reflects the direct input of nearly 5,000 Washtenaw County residents as captured in an online survey, an artists’ census, a study of the area’s creative economy, and the 29 interviews and community forums. The cultural master plan is a strategic vision of the future that includes 34 actions to be implemented over a five-year period.

Washtenaw County Master Cultural – Community Micro Plans

The Arts Alliance, understanding that Washtenaw County is home to such diversity – including rural, suburban and urban communities, took the rather unusual step per cultural planning standards of insisting that each local community in the county develop its citizen-directed customized plan.

Once residents from each of the seven population centers identified the strategic areas best suited the needs of their local community, they then developed and prioritized specific action steps, identified key implementation partners, discussed next steps, created a timeline, and detailed measures of success for their community.

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