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Cast of Donors

The campaign to raise $100,000 in aid for arts + creative organizations shuttered and artists and creatives workers out of work and without pay in the greater Ann Arbor area due to COVID-19.

Applause and a standing ovation to our cast of donors!

Because of their kindness, once the green light is given, our creatives will be ready to return to the cultural gathering places to do what they do so remarkably: give of their art so that we may rejoice, renew, remember and reflect on our humanity as individuals and together as community.

Three gifts totaling $55,000


The I.M.E. Fund $10,000

Decky Alexander - We need artists to document this time…our lives…to truth tell, our first 'recorder.'


Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Kasia Bielak-Hoops - We will get through this because our art will sustain us!

Elizabeth S. Bishop  

Bob Blumenthal & Beth Dwoskin

Lisa & David Borgsdorf

Damian Farrell Design Group

Mel Drumm

Kate & Erin Duddy

Kathy Carter & Mack Ruffin

Mark Clague & Laura Jackson The arts remain as important as ever. We need you! Thanks for making our community more beautiful and more meaningful. We can't wait to welcome you back.

Joanne Vollendorf Clark - Thank you Kathryn [Goodson] and Thor [Sigurdson] for a lovely concert.

Clay Works Gallery

Crystal Cole

Mary Cole

Russ Collins & Deb Polich

Dea DeWolff & Robert Kail

David & Jill Esau  

Jason Eyster  

The Finch Family

Becca Fisher - Thank you for providing support for our local artists and arts organizations!

Brian Forester

Kathy & Dave Friedrichs  

Richard Garner  

Elizabeth Gier

Zita Gillis  

Larry & Martha Gray

Avishay & Regina Hayut

Esther L. Hurwitz Hello to all poets and writers. Stay Strong!

Deborah & Ralph Katz Thank you for caring for the independent artists in our community. To everyone, be strong and stay safe.

John & Kathleen King  

Barbara KramerHope everyone can hang on, especially pulling for the freelancers (like musicians) who can't get unemployment insurance.

Gavin LaRose & Stacy Mates

Barry LaRue - Give till it hurts. We'll get through this!!!

Greg Leeder

K.A. Letts - Artists and nonprofit art organizations are part of our rich creative commons in Washtenaw County. We need to protect these fragile members of our cultural ecosystem.

Joan Lowenstein

Jane & John Lumm  

Stacy Mates

Shel Markel Art

Timothy McAllister & Roshanne Etezady

Jill McDonough & Greg Merriman

Tom & Lisa McKarns

Michigan Theater Foundation

Bob Milstein

Richard Montmorency & Carol Rugg

The Mosaic Foundation of Rita & Peter Heydon

William Nolting & Donna Parmelee

Traven Pelletier

Barbara Petoskey

Jen Proctor

Kirk A. Profit, owner - GCSI        

Anonymous - When I was listing off my worries surrounding the outbreak, the financial welfare of artists, venues and event-companies was one of them. I'm glad there is at least an effort toward a local solution 🙂

Rapport Innovative Marketing

Mike & Veena Rankin Thank you, Creative Washtenaw, for supporting artists through this difficult and uncertain time!

Kate & Phil Roos

Randall Ross

Julie & Randy Roth  

Theodore St-Antoine

Michael Smith

Patti Smith

Sharman Spieser - Thank you very much for providing this way to support our community of artists.

Austin Stewart 

Anne Subotic - Keep creating!

TreeTown Murals // Brush Monkeys

Amanda Uhle

Ebru Uras

Virginia Wait  

Waterloo Historical Society

Sarah & Sandy Wiener  

Bruce Worden, Black Market Books

Creative Washtenaw