COVID-19 Advocacy & Action 

Unleash the Power of Your Art!

You have power – extraordinary life and mind-changing power in your art. Imagine the force that would be the collective voice of artists answering a call to action so the haunting words heard during COVID-19 crisis are never said again: 

“Rejected…used all my savings….I’m invisible….after years of performing at community events, no one can help me….arts nonprofits are not eligible to apply….didn’t get the grant….can’t pay my rent.”

Artists could be the most incredible lobbyists! They already deliver awe-inspiring messages with a glance, a string of notes, an image or a lyric. 

America’s artists on message every day, using their powers and the arsenal of their collective creative toolkit. What elected officials or “art isn’t necessary” naysayer wouldn’t be turned into a believer? Imagine it and start working on it – now!

As you do, be active and use your voice, raise your hand, take action now. The only way gig artists, nonprofits and the Art and Humanities Endowments were included in the CAREs Act was because people were advocating. But, it wasn’t enough people because in comparison to other sector investments, we were grossly underfunded.

Do one advocacy action every day.  Begin with the action lists below.

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COVID-19 Crushes Artists, Creative Workers & Organizations

Artists & Creative Workers

62% of our nation’s 5 million creative workers have become unemployed most of them gig workers or contractors.

95% report income loss.

$16,000 is the average an artist expects to earn this year – a drop from $40,000 before COVID-19.  $50.6 billion in income is expected to be lost nationally in 2020.

No compensation is being paid to 75% of the artists whose work is being shared online right now.

MORE THAN HALF of all artists are now out of savings.

8-IN-10 artists are unable to plan for recovery, most noting they have no time to look to the future right now.

66% are unable to access the supplies, resources, spaces, or people necessary for their work.

The four most critical needs for artists to sustain their work during the pandemic:

  • Unemployment insurance
  • Forgivable business loans
  • Food/housing assistance
  • Affordable healthcare

And yet, 76% report their artistic practice has been used to raise morale, create community cohesion, or lighten the COVID-19 experience of the community.

Nonprofit Arts & Cultural Organizations

Report losses to date 5.5.2020

$4.98 billion in revenue

208 million admissions due to canceled events

$6.6 billion loss in event-related spending by audiences (restaurants, lodging, retail).

$1.9 billion in lost government revenue

328,000 jobs no longer being supported.

10% are “not confident” that they will survive the COVID-19 pandemic (a potential loss of 12,000 organizations).

And yet, 65% are delivering artistic content to raise community spirits and morale.

*Source – Americans for the Arts, COVID-19’s Impact on The Arts: Research Update May 4, 2020

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Be in the Count – Do Every Survey

Data, numbers and statistics are what elected officials and decision makers look at when deciding WHO IS IN and WHO IS OUT when it comes to  emergency support, unemployment and other programs. You have to be counted!

Artists and Creative Workers – COVID-19 Impact Surveyupdate your survey once a month.

Arts and Cultural Organizations & Businesses – Economic Impact Survey of COVID-19 UPDATE this survey once a month.

Everyone! CAREs Act Funding Tracker – measuring and reporting artists, creative workers, organizations and businesses’ ability to secure critical financial relief. This will be used to inform Congress on future support legislation.

 “COVID-19 and Social Distancing Study: Exploring the Impacts of Arts and Other Activities on Mental Health” is a study designed to strengthen our understanding of the mental health impacts of sheltering in place, social distancing, and isolation—and to determine if there are activities that buffer against those ill effects (such as the arts). 


Arts Action Center for legislative news and action alerts – keep up-to-date on action in Washington. 


The COVID-19 Audience Outlook Monitor  – this timely and essential data collected by WolfBrown is adding to the sector’s decision-making about when and how to resume programming. A new website, Audience Outlook Monitor, will serve as a home on the Web for communicating research results and exchanging viewpoints about what it all means for programming, marketing, and engagement.

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