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Our People

design • sing • dance • preserve • draw • advise • compose • play instruments • invest • heal • write scripts •  act • buy tickets • build • garden & landscape • choreograph • author books and poem • go to exhibitions • write copy • design graphics • counsel • sculpt • tailor •  crunch data • advocate • supply • make films • account • calculate sums • teach • paint • govern • develop • volunteer • lead • raise money • create • invent • construct • administer • transport • manage projects • give • manufacture • and • so • much • more.

Creative Washtenaw's people are its board members, professional team, creative and ally members, volunteers, interns and advisors. 

Together they are Creative Washtenaw.

Creative Washtenaw applies its commitment to forever evolving and learning about diversity, equity and inclusion in to its human resource governance. That includes leaning in to listen, hear and internalize how its community defines the intrinsic and aesthetic qualities of art and creativity be it by the cultural expert, the credentialed scholar, the journeyed, self-taught master and/or the astute consumer of the form. It also means fostering a culture that is respectful and free of discrimination or harassment for all. 

An involved board of directors guides Creative Washtenaw supports the professional staff. Its stated recruitment goals are to seat a board that reflects the breadth and depth of the population by assuring gender, age, cultural, socioeconomic and geographic diversity and includes artists, creative practitioners and creative profit, nonprofit and government entities in Washtenaw County.

Creative Washtenaw’s professional team includes specialists with strong backgrounds in the arts + creative industries, education, advocacy, communication, business, accounting and public art and design sectors. The team remains current on trends, issues and public policy impacting the creative sector through their involvement as members, board members and volunteers in local, regional, state and national organizations, including Americans for the Arts, CultureSource, Arts Midwest, MACC, MichiganWorks! Southeast, National Independent Venue Association and the National Small Business Association, among others.

Creative Washtenaw contracts Artrain, a nonprofit arts management service organization, to provide its personnel, administrative, financial and project management services. This affords Creative Washtenaw the ability to have highly qualified personnel managing operations, mission-driven resources, programs and development, thus reducing overhead costs by 50% To guide human resource policies, practices and training, Creative Washtenaw’s board adopted the Personnel Guidelines of its contracting agency, Artrain, the employer of record for the professional team.

Board of Directors

Abby Fanelli

CEO & Co-Founder
WAABEL StartUp Studio
Creative:  Writer
Lives and works in Ann Arbor

Asha Jordan

Jordan Nik Art
Creative: Visual Artist & Curator
Lives and works in Ann Arbor

Amy Karbo

Director of Communications & Community Engagement
Destination Ann Arbor
Creative: communications
Lives and works in Ann Arbor

Michael McCarthy

Co-founder & CEO
Neville Wealth Management
Creative: arts consumer
Lives and works in Ann Arbor & Frankfort


Creative: arts exec, advocate & radio host
Lives in Ann Arbor and works in Washtenaw County

David Snyder

Interim secretary

Managing Member
Wabash & Main, LLC
Creative: historic preservation
Lives and works in Milan

Rapport Innovative Marketing LLC
Creative: communication design
Lives and works in Milan, MI 

Professional Team

Marissa Conniff at Upward Anthems
Communications Lead

Creative: singer, musician, grapic design and communication
Lives in Ypsilanti and works in Washtenaw County

Margaret Woodard
Project Manager 

Creative: DJ, visual artist and active music collective member
Lives in Ypsilanti and works in Washtenaw County

Deb Polich

Creative: arts exec, advocate & radio host
Lives in Ann Arbor and works in Washtenaw County

Creative Washtenaw