The Arts + Creative Industries


The intrinsic and aesthetic values of art and creativity are determining factors of success for artists and creative workers. They have creative practices, own creative businesses, hold creative jobs in profit, nonprofit, educational and government entities and produce creative goods, services and programs for the residents and visitors to our cities, towns and villages. They are professionals, amateurs, students and industry experts leading the sector locally, nationally and internationally including these creative members of Creative Washtenaw.

Advertising & promotion

Architecture: building, landscape, urban & regional planning, marine & naval, etc.

Art schools, art teachers, artists & agents

Art therapy, rehabilitation and healing

Creative technology: app design, game design, web design, etc.

Culture & heritage: preservation, centers, museums

Design: display, exhibition, graphic, industrial, interior, multimedia, packaging, product, visual communication user interface design, etc.

Fashion: design, garments, textiles, footwear, lifestyle & accessories

Literary, publishing & print

Media arts: film, audio visual & broadcasting

Music & recording

Museums: art, cultural, heritage, history & science

Research & development: The pursuit of models, methods, formulas and products of unusual value.

Science & nature centers

Performing arts: dance, music, multidisciplinary, theater, etc.

Visual arts: artisan-crafts, painting, sculpting, photography, etc.

Economic Impact


A $877.8 billion industry

4.5% of the US GDP

> tourism, agriculture or the combined GDP of transportation and construction

  • 5 million jobs
  • Surplus of $21 billion in international trade.
  • Nonprofit** (subset of above)

-$166.3 billion in direct expenditures.

-4.6 million jobs

-$27.5 billion in government revenue


Value added to MI’s economy by the arts

$13.9 billion

2.8% of economic output

$7.6 billion in wages.

121,332 jobs.

  • Nonprofit** (subset of above)

-$1.24 billion in direct expenditures.

-> 17 million attendees


Washtenaw County

6,436 jobs in 479 establishments

$390.4 million in wages

208 Nonprofits** (subset of above)

$99.9 million economic impact

žAudiences = $50 million

žOrganizations  – $49.9 million

2,574 jobs

$66.4 million in local wages

1.78 million attendees (32% from outside of the county) = filling Michigan Stadium > 16 times

Government Revenue

$1.25 million generated for local taxes

$4.9 million to state government

Creative Washtenaw - The Arts Alliance