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Creative Washtenaw Marketplace

Creative products, performances, programs and services

exclusively by artists, creative workers, organizations and businesses

in the greater Ann Arbor area: a vibrant arts + creative industry hub.

Just for you!

Delivered how, when and where you want.

Creative Washtenaw Sells! The Power of Local.

The Creative Washtenaw Marketplace is an online local sales site exclusively for artisans and creative businesses in the greater Ann Arbor area and members of The Arts Alliance to sell works of arts, performances, workshops and services. 

Compelled to create and connect to an audience, artisans have bills to pay, too.

While the COVID-19 pandemic had the power to ghost audiences and extinguish revenues, the virus did not have the force to slay creativity, invention or innovation. The spirit of "co-opetition" among local artists, creative workers and cultural businesses, flamed by the need to generate revenue, has inspired the Creative Washtenaw Marketplace.

An imaginative and innovative marketplace

We can't wait to see the fabulous items listed. Is it already in a portfolio or something wonderfully new too perfect for someone to pass by? There are no limits to creativity! Here are some of the ideas:

  • Creative products: artworks, a small wall mural, a week's worth of designer face masks, garden sculpture, designing of green screens for video conferencing, gift cards, advance tickets, an exclusive visit to a studio, etc.
  • Performing arts: a performance, dance lessons or a DJ at block party or a dinner party in the future; a commissioned song or a poem written and/or performed via Zoom for a birthday or special event; storytelling; or an exclusive visit to a recording session or rehearsal, etc.
  • Services: hanging or framing artwork; graphic design; historic research on a home or site; video archiving and exclusive opportunities, etc.
  • Workshops and classes: online lessons for the kids or family, artist residencies, corporate workshops, art therapy, stress reducers, joy enhancers, movement classes, etc.
Delivery - Some items now, others later.

Great communication and trust between the buyer and seller is of paramount importance to the marketplace, especially deciding when, where and how to deliver. Some items are going to be ready right away while others require arrangements between the buyer and the seller.

For example, safe curbside pickup, drop off or post can be arranged for most artworks. An in-person performance would require discussion and most likely need to be "pre-sold" similar to a live event ticket. Once physical distancing regulations allow, a date can be finalized.

By locals for locals to buy.

Vendors and buyers are neighbors and community members. They value the art, craft, performance, programs and services created locally and want to retain the rich arts and cultural vibrancy that makes our region a great place to create, life, work, play and visit.

Creative Washtenaw Marketplace has no model. It's a real-time experiment and we expect a few do-overs. We will need your feedback. Thanks to everyone on the research and development team: our vendors and buyers!

Let's go to the Creative Washtenaw Marketplace!

Have questions or need more information? Contact Creative Washtenaw: | 734-213-2733

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